​Admission is open to pre-school Nursery to Upper Kinder Garten in the age group of 3+ to 5+. Any child aged between 3+ years on or before March 30, shall be eligible to apply for admission on the basis of:
1) Attested copy of Birth Certificate or any other legally admissible certification thereof.
2) Duly filled-in Application form along with three stamp-size photos, bearing the signature or certified thumb impression of either parent of guardian.
3) Copy of transfer certification duly attested by the transferring school, in case seeking direct admission.

Details of Seats Available in Pre School (CLASS 1,2 & 3) for the Session 2014 -15:
Total No. of Seats 50 students (2 section of nursery each of 25 students.)
​Seats reserved for EWS 25


Admission forms for the academic session shall be available from the school office from 1st November. Guardians should submit the duly filled admission forms from 1st December to 31st February to the school office between 9 am to 4 pm. Candidates will have time till March 31st to deposit required fees and complete all admission formalities. At the time of submission of form, interview date & time will be intimated. A written test of the student shall be taken to access the students academic capability. In the event of failure to fulfill procedures in time; such admission shall stand canceled candidates. Guardians of all admitted students will ensure collection of books and uniforms arranged by the School Office from 31st March. School will be in session from 1st April every year.


Kandi,Purandarpur, Josohori, Kumrai, Bodua, Bahara, Anukha, Panchthupi, Dakbanglo, Siddeswari, Kalyanpur, Jhikurhati, Brokapsa, Andi, Khurjuna, Haribati, Badyanathpur, Kaitha, Sudarpur, Pali, Fatepur,Bahadurpur, Eroali, Kanduri, Khargram, Kapasdanga,Kuli, Akundi, Jalibaganburwan, Babarpur, Indrani Sherpur ,Palsunda, Nagar, Hatpara, Ramrampur, Jaterpur, Monaikandra, Faridpur, Karalitala, Ekumba,Gurulia, Curulia, Margram, Kirtipur, Ekpaharia, Ghoshpalsa, Akundi, Srihatta, Asapr, Kurapara, Pachipara, BeldangaJhikurhati, Golahat Satitara, Monigram.

For schooling and transportation fees please contact the front office of Jagriti Public School.


Summer Timing: Nursery – III (9.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
IV – X (8.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.)

Winter Timing: Nursery – III (10.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.)
IV – X (8.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.)

School terms are broken by four holidays: Puja Vacation (10-15 days), Winter Vacation (10 days), End of Session Break (10-15 days), and Summer Vacation (one month, May-June).

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.